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  • Bridal handwriting ring
    Handwriting Ring Made with Your Handwriting
  • Handprint and footprint on sterling silver necklace
    Your Baby's Footprints on Heart Necklace
  • Silver Etched Name Disc Necklace personalized with kids names, shown close up on white
    Etched Name Disc Necklace
  • Sterling silver disc charm with etched silhouette of three kids
    My Silhouettes Necklace
  • Silver Memorial handwriting jewelry necklace
    Sculpted Circle Handwriting Necklace
  • Hand stamped sterling silver stackable rings, personalized with child's name and hearts, shown close up on white
    Stackable Personalized Ring
  • Memorial Jewelry - Bracelet Made with Handwriting From a Loved One
    Handwriting Angel Wing Bracelet
  • Tiny hearts on a chain
    Sculpted Hearts Initial Necklace
  • Personalized silver angel wing key ring with your loved one's handwriting
    Angel Wing Handwriting Key Ring
  • Handwriting on personalized sterling silver key chain, shown with original handwriting
    Sculpted Circle Handwriting Key Ring
  • Large Handwriting Memorial Charm Angel Wing in silver, with a pearl, shown close up on white
    Large Handwriting Memorial Angel Wing Necklace
  • Hand stamped sterling silver custom mom bracelet, stamped with kids names, shown on white
    Sterling Circles Charm Bracelet
  • Silver Etched Heart Forever Love name necklace, shown close up
    Etched Heart Forever Love Necklace
  • Handwritten note on silver cuff bracelet on white background
    Handwriting Cuff Bracelet
  • Adjustable bracelet with custom handprint or footprint charms
    Handprint Foot Print Charms on Adjustable Bangle
  • Handwriting heart bracelet
    Sweet Heart Handwriting Bracelet
  • Sweet Oval Handwriting Bracelet in silver
    Sweet Oval Handwriting Bracelet
  • Custom fingerprint petal silver bracelet, shown on white
    Sweet Petal Fingerprint Bracelet
  • Sterling silver handwriting Petal Bracelet
    Sweet Petal Handwriting Bracelet
  • Small Swarovski August Peridot
    Swarovski Crystal Small Round Birthstone - All Months
  • Gold signature necklace
    Gold Disc Handwriting Necklace 7/8"
  • Hand-Stamped Inspiration Bracelet in Sterling Silver - Bracelet for Mom
    Inspiration Bracelet
  • Tapered June stone
    Swarovski Crystal Tapered Birthstone - All Months
  • Sterling silver custom footprint necklace with your child's footprints, hand stamped with names and date, shown close up on white
    Large Round Handprints or Footprints Necklace Silver
  • Sterling silver Hand stamped coordinates keychain on white background shown with key
    Coordinates Key Chain
  • Hand stamped coordinates personalized silver necklace, shown close up on white
    Coordinates Necklace
  • Silver fingerprint heart necklace with birthstone, shown close up on white
    Fingerprint Necklace Small Heart with Birthstone
  • handwriting leather bracelet , shown with the actual handwriting etched on silver, with original handwritten note
    Handwriting Leather Bracelet
  • Heart Fingerprint Necklace
    Fingerprint Necklace Heart with Birthstone
  • Fine pewter handwriting key ring
    Handwriting Round Tag Key Chain Pewter
  • Note to Dad on a silver key ring
    Handwriting Military Dog Tag Key Ring
  • Handwritten note on Rectangle Fine Pewter Key Ring, shown on white
    Raised Heart Rectangle Handwriting Key Chain
  • Silver custom hand stamped key ring for grandma with grandkids' names, shown on white
    Large Disc Key Ring for Grandma
  • Child's hand prints on a custom sterling silver key ring, with a hand stamped message, shown close up on white
    Large Round Prints Key Ring
  • Silver Handwriting bar necklace with your actual handwriting, shown close up on white
    Silver Bar Handwriting Necklace
  • Custom Silver Heart Handwriting Necklace with your actual handwriting, shown close up on white
    Handwriting Silver Heart Necklace
  • Custom Hand Stamped Gold initial birthstone necklace, personalized with child's initial & blue birthstone, shown on white
    Tiny Gold Initial Discs with Crystal Birthstone Necklace
  • Close up of Sculpted Rectangle with Copper and Silver Heart
    Sculpted Rectangle Handwriting Necklace
  • Sterling silver personalized guitar pick
    Silver Guitar Pick with Your Handwriting Key Ring or Necklace