braceletscatv2.jpgYour bracelet should reflect you - your style, your family, your life. We cut our sterling silver hand-stamped bracelets and cuffs from heavy gauge silver stock, and handcraft them with quality materials, designed to last. ...Read More Looking for hand-stamped style in a charm bracelet? We have plenty to choose from. Add silver discs, hearts, beads and more to make your bracelet just right for you.

We also offer a line of handwriting bracelets, made with the same quality as our hand stamped bracelets and cuffs. These are bracelets made from the handwriting of a loved one or with your own handwriting! Express your eternal love to your significant other in your own writing on a beautiful sterling silver bracelet. Or have your child write a note to Grandma that she'll wear and treasure. Or put the signature of a lost loved one on a sterling cuff to keep near you forever as a perfect piece of memorial jewelry.

The first piece of jewelry I ever designed was a bracelet with my kids' names hand-stamped on it. It allowed me to wear my heart on my wrist, and started my passion for jewelry-making. I hope you love your mommy bracelet as much as I love mine!

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  • Memorial Jewelry - Bracelet Made with Handwriting From a Loved One
    Handwriting Angel Wing Bracelet
  • Hand stamped sterling silver custom mom bracelet, stamped with kids names, shown on white
    Sterling Circles Charm Bracelet
  • Handwritten note on silver cuff bracelet on white background
    Handwriting Cuff Bracelet
  • Gold handwriting cuff remembrance bracelet
    Handwriting Cuff Bracelet - Gold
  • Rose gold handwriting cuff bracelet
    Handwriting Cuff Bracelet - Rose Gold
  • Adjustable sterling silver bracelet with custom fingerprint charm
    Custom Fingerprint Charms on Adjustable Bangle
  • Adjustable bracelet with custom handprint or footprint charms
    Handprint Foot Print Charms on Adjustable Bangle
  • Expandable sterling bracelet with custom paw print
    Paw Print Charms on Adjustable Bangle
  • silver bracelet with handwritten signatures
    Round Handwriting Charms on Adjustable Bangle
  • Handwriting heart bracelet
    Sweet Heart Handwriting Bracelet
  • Sweet Oval Handwriting Bracelet in silver
    Sweet Oval Handwriting Bracelet
  • Dainty bracelet with your actual writing in gold, shown on white
    Handwriting Mini-Bar Bracelet Gold
  • Dainty bracelet with your actual writing in rose gold, shown on white
    Handwriting Mini-Bar Bracelet Rose Gold
  • Dainty bracelet with your actual writing in sterling silver, shown close up on white
    Handwriting Mini-Bar Bracelet Silver
  • Custom fingerprint petal silver bracelet, shown on white
    Sweet Petal Fingerprint Bracelet
  • Custom fingerprint petal bracelet in gold
    Sweet Petal Fingerprint Bracelet Gold
  • Sterling silver handwriting Petal Bracelet
    Sweet Petal Handwriting Bracelet
  • Gold Handwriting Bracelet
    Sweet Petal Handwriting Bracelet Gold
  • Custom Silver Handwriting Bracelet with handwriting of loved one or your own handwriting
    Round Handwriting Charm Bracelet
  • Puzzle handwriting bracelet
    Sculpted Puzzle Piece Handwriting Bracelet
  • Custom fingerprint charm bracelet
    Custom Fingerprint Charm Bracelet
  • Sterling silver handwriting cuff bracelet with clasp, shown with the handwriting used to create it
    Handwriting Cuff Bracelet with Clasp
  • Hand Stamped Leather Bracelet for Him, with the names Barry Glenn Rob, shown on white
    Hand Stamped Leather Bracelet
  • 3 pet names on bracelet
    Pet Lover Leather Bracelet
  • Handwriting bracelet
    Sculpted Heart Handwriting Bracelet
  • Mother's day gift handwriting on a bracelet
    Custom Handwriting Heart Linked Bracelet in Gold
  • Custom heart handwriting bracelet
    Handwriting Heart Linked Bracelet in Silver
  • Hand-Stamped Inspiration Bracelet in Sterling Silver - Bracelet for Mom
    Inspiration Bracelet
  • Small Silver Handwriting Heart Bracelet
    Small Handwriting Heart Bracelet
  • Custom Silver Fingerprint and handwriting ID Bracelet, shown on white
    Fingerprint & Handwriting ID Bracelet
  • Mother's Day Personalized Handwriting Bracelet
    Handwriting ID Bracelet
  • Hand stamped leather cuff shown with word "faith"
    Whimsical Leather Bracelet
  • Silver custom coordinates cuff bracelet for her
    Coordinates Cuff for Her
  • Hand stamped I Wished For You Bracelet
    I Wished For You Bracelet
  • Personalized sterling silver Inspiration Cuff bracelet, hand stamped with your custom message or names, shown on white
    Inspiration Cuff with Your Custom Saying
  • Teacher Saying Bracelet
    Teacher Love Bracelet
  • Your Saying On A Bracelet
    Your Saying On A Bracelet
  • Memorial fingerprint leather bracelet for man
    Fingerprint & Handwriting Leather Bracelet
  • handwriting leather bracelet , shown with the actual handwriting etched on silver, with original handwritten note
    Handwriting Leather Bracelet
  • Handwriting leather bracelet with actual handwriting shown on white background
    Handwriting Leather Bracelet Wide Silver
  • Sterling silver Handwriting ID Bracelet for Man etched with your kid's Actual Handwriting
    Handwriting ID Bracelet for Him
  • Hand stamped heart bracelet
    Full Heart Bracelet
  • Hand Stamped Heart On Your Wrist Signature Bracelet
    Heart On Your Wrist Signature Bracelet
  • Your child's footprints on a bracelet
    Heart Footprints Bracelet
  • Silver oval handwriting bracelet, with actual handwriting, shown from side on white. close up
    Silver Oval Handwriting Bracelet
  • Silver personalized hand stamped coordinates bracelet, shown on white
    Coordinates ID Bracelet
  • Hand stamped ID Bracelet made from sterling silver, shown with birthstone on white
    Stamped ID Bracelet
  • Adjustable silver bracelet with hand stamped charms
    Adjustable Bangle with Hand Stamped Charms
  • Signature charms on adjustable bangle
    Dainty Rectangle Handwriting Charms on Adjustable Bangle
  • Sterling Hammered Bangle Charm Bracelet
    Sterling Hammered Bangle Charm Bracelet
  • Your baby's actual footprints on custom gold bracelet, shown on white
    Custom Heart Footprints Bracelet in Gold
  • Hand stamped grandma bracelet
    Sterling Hearts Name Bracelet
    $60.00 $48.00
  • Copper riveted cuff with lower case block
    Copper and Silver Riveted Cuff
  • hand stamped gold bracelet for mom with kids' name
    Gold Circles Hand Stamped Charm Bracelet
  • Gold memorial bracelet with your loved ones' actual handwriting
    Gold Oval Handwriting Bracelet
  • Gold handwriting angel wing bracelet with your loved ones actual handwriting, shown on white
    Gold Angel Wing Handwriting Bracelet
  • Hand Stamped medic alert bracelet shown from the top
    Medical Alert Heart Bracelet
  • Gold signature bracelet
    Handwriting ID Bracelet in Gold
  • Gold stamped bracelet
    Stamped Gold ID Bracelet
  • Memorial gold handwriting bracelet, shown on white
    Round Handwriting Charm Bracelet in Gold