Your bracelet should reflect you - your style, your family, your life. We cut our sterling silver hand-stamped bracelets and cuffs from heavy gauge silver stock, and handcraft them with quality materials, designed to last. ...Read More Looking for hand-stamped style in a charm bracelet? We have plenty to choose from. Add silver discs, hearts, beads and more to make your bracelet just right for you.

We also offer a line of handwriting bracelets, made with the same quality as our hand stamped bracelets and cuffs. These are bracelets made from the handwriting of a loved one or with your own handwriting! Express your eternal love to your significant other in your own writing on a beautiful sterling silver bracelet. Or have your child write a note to Grandma that she'll wear and treasure. Or put the signature of a lost loved one on a sterling cuff to keep near you forever as a perfect piece of memorial jewelry.

The first piece of jewelry I ever designed was a bracelet with my kids' names hand-stamped on it. It allowed me to wear my heart on my wrist, and started my passion for jewelry-making. I hope you love your mommy bracelet as much as I love mine!