Extraordinary Expertise in Creating Personalized Jewelry

We've been creating personalized jewelry for over 15 years. In that time, we've created hundreds of designs, found great suppliers from around the world, learned and created new techniques.

We specialize in making your image, your handwriting, and your message look its very best on your jewelry. From determining the most elegant way to lay out your hand stamped message, to extracting and bringing out the best in an old handwritten note, our years of experience ensures you end up with something you’ll love.

If you’re looking for handwriting jewelry, we’re able to extract a great image from sources that other artists can’t. This is especially important for memorial jewelry, when the only handwriting you might have from your loved one is damaged, faded, or needs to be combined from more than one document.

With our fingerprint, footprint & handprint jewelry, we painstakingly pull out the lines, curves, and nuances of the original print. It’s a detailed & time-consuming process, but one that creates the best possible image for your jewelry.

After years of creating silhouette jewelry, we can help you determine which images will show your loved ones the best, and will make the perfect piece that you’ll treasure forever.

With artwork jewelry, we’re often converting an image with many colors to black and white. It takes an artist’s eye to make sure this is done just right to capture the spirit of the art in your jewelry piece, rather than just a dark blob of lines, or a bunch of spidery thin lines.

While we do this everyday, we know you don’t. So if you have a question, just contact us! We’re happy to help you to make sure you get the piece of jewelry that’s just right for you.