Handwriting Jewelry - How to Order

It's easy to get your beautiful piece of handwriting jewelry created! 

We can use just about any handwriting or artwork you have. Customers sometimes worry that the handwriting they have won't work for making handwriting jewelry - it's too old, or on a weird background, or whatever. Don't worry. After many years and thousands of images, we've seen it all. Our expert artists have developed LOTS of tricks & techniques to make sure your image, and your jewelry, will come out looking amazing.

There is lots of information below to answer any other questions you may have about this type of personalized jewelry. And as always, if you still have questions we would love to hear from you!

Here are the basic steps involved:


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Questions and answers

How to choose the right charm for your handwriting

How to take your photo

Using kid's artwork or writing

Using handwriting from an old letter, card or document

Writing your own love note

Using an image of a tattoo

How we create our Handwriting Jewelry

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