Handwriting Jewelry - How to Choose

Handwriting Angel Wing BraceletWe take extra time and care to make sure that the handwriting you give us will end up looking great on the jewelry you choose. This is part of our artistry - making the handwriting fit beautifully onto a charm. We aren't just transferring an image onto metal. We are crafting it carefully so it comes out as an heirloom piece that you will treasure forever.

Choose your necklace, bracelet, ring or key ring by browsing our handwriting jewelry collection. Look for a charm that you love and that you feel could fit your handwriting sample. If you think your handwriting will fit or would be close to fitting, it should work.

If you are unsure if your handwriting will work on the charm you want, ask us! We are happy to look at your handwriting and help you choose the best option.

We can move words so they fit nicely onto the charm you selected. The actual handwriting will not change, but the placement of the words might. If your handwriting fits onto the charm you choose just as it is, we will not move words around.

Customers often have us omit words from their handwriting sample or add words from a different area of a letter, or from another document. No problem! Just mention what you want in the special instructions field, and we'll take care of it.

If your handwriting has 1-5 words: It should fit on any of our charms. If a charm looks best with one or two words we will state that on the product's web page.

handwritingloveletter-1589-55195-250.jpgIf you have 6-10 words: The handwriting will look great, but the words will be smaller than if we're placing fewer words.

Some recommendations for longer phrases would be our:

If your handwriting has more than ten words: We would suggest our Handwriting Love Letter or our Handwriting Military Dog Tag Necklace or Key Chain.

handwritinghearts-4095-250.jpgThese are all guidelines - if your handwriting is large and loopy, consider a larger charm. If your handwriting is blocky and compact, you can fit more of those words onto a charm. So take a look at the many samples we have to get an idea of what will will fit on each charm.