Initial & Monogram Jewelry

At its heart, initial jewelry has a simple, elegant beauty. Where you take it from there is up to you. A single, hand stamped initial on a silver disc with a birthstone is a perennial favorite. Or, dress it up with other charms, mix and match discs with ovals, stars, gold...the sky's the limit! Initial necklaces (also known as monogram necklaces) are a great choice for a first mom necklace. They work just as well in the board room as in the playroom!

Designer's tip: A necklace with a hand-stamped initial tags for each grandchild makes a great necklace for grandma.

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  • Tiny hearts on a chain
    Sculpted Hearts Initial Necklace
  • Tiny Square Initials Necklace
    Tiny Square Initials
  • Silver hand stamped Me and You Necklace with initials
    Me and You Necklace
  • Close up image of Sculpted Nugget round fine silver charm with initials with fine silver handmade heart with embedded birthstone on white background
    Tiny Silver Nugget with Birthstone Heart Necklace
  • Tiny Framed Initial Charm Necklace made of fine silver
    Tiny Framed Initial Necklace
  • Hand Stamped Family Tree Initials Necklace in sterling silver
    Family Tree Tiny Initials Necklace
  • Hand Stamped Loved Tiny Initials Necklace, made from fine silver
    Loved Tiny Initials
  • hand stamped brushed silver squares initial necklace
    Brushed Squares Initial Necklace
  • Long skinny hand stamped initial necklace
    Skinny Rectangles Initial Necklace
  • Gold cascading initial necklace
    Cascade Gold Charm Necklace
  • Hand stamped custom Sterling Silver Initials Necklace, close up on white
    Sterling Silver Initials Necklace
  • Handmade handstamped necklace
    Sculpted Long Tear Drops Necklace
  • Silver charm initial necklace, with a heart, pearl and owl charm
    Layered Heart Charm Necklace & Pearl
  • Custom Hand stamped sterling silver discs, personalized with initials, stylishly scooped/cupped for extra dimension, shown on white
    Scooped Initials
  • Tiny Letter or Symbol Cube
    Tiny Letter or Symbol Cube
  • Our Tiniest Initials Necklace custom made with sterling silver hand stamped charms, shown close up
    Our Tiniest Initials Necklace
  • Curly initial handstamped onto pendant
    Curly Initial with Stone Cluster
  • Dotted Border Initial Discs
    Dotted Border Initial Discs
  • Silver sprout hand stamped Initial Necklace, close up
    Sprout Initial Necklace
  • Tiny Heart Letters Necklace
    Tiny Heart Letters Necklace
  • Silver Tiny Round Initial Charm necklace with letter A, shown with birthstones
    Tiny Round Initial Charms
  • Gold initial necklace
    Tiny Gold Initial Discs with Crystal Birthstone Necklace
  • Mini round initial charms
    Mini Classic Raised Edge Charms
  • Monogrammed necklace
    Laurel Monogram Necklace
  • Silver monogram necklace, shown on white close up
    Classic Script Monogram Necklace
  • Sterling Monogram Disc
    Sterling Monogram Disc