Mom Jewelry Gifts

Moms are special people, the glue of the family, and as such they deserve a little something special. Being a mom means ...Read More always carrying your family in your heart, wherever you go. No matter how old they get, your kids will always be your kids. Wouldn’t it be great if they stayed little forever? Celebrate your style, your life, and your family with a piece of hand stamped or hand etched jewelry that lets you wear your heart on your wrist for all to see.

Choose a hand stamped bracelet with your kids’ names stamped on it in your chosen font, that’s the piece that started my own jewelry-making passion years ago. Take your favorite handwritten note or kids’ drawing and keep it forever by having it etched onto a custom, handwriting tag necklace. Honor your own special Mom with a hand stamped family tree necklace, or custom piece of etched handwriting jewelry. Our gold heart necklace is great for etching handwritten notes from the grandkids on.

You’ll love your piece of handcrafted mommy jewelry and all the good memories it brings for years to come. Simply send us the image and/or handwritten note (for best results use a dark, black ink on white paper) and our artists will take it from there! Creating a one-of-a kind, handcrafted piece of hand stamped or etched jewelry is one of the easiest things you’ll ever do.

Each piece of hand stamped and etched jewelry is lovingly made by our artists and shipped with a silver-polishing pad to keep it looking brand new for years to come.

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  • Silver handwriting ring with your handwritten note on pure white background
    Handwriting Rectangle Ring Made with Your Handwriting
  • Handwriting Ring - sterling silver band with handwriting, shown on white
    Handwriting Ring Made with Your Handwriting
  • Handprint and footprint on sterling silver necklace
    Your Baby's Footprints on Heart Necklace
  • Etched Name Disc Necklace
    Etched Name Disc Necklace
  • My Silhouettes Necklace
    My Silhouettes Necklace
  • Memorial handwriting jewelry necklace
    Sculpted Circle Handwriting Necklace
  • Stackable Ring
    Stackable Personalized Ring
  • Child's prints on a necklace
    Sculpted Heart with Baby's Footprints Necklace
  • Custom handwriting signature necklace
    Sculpted Raised Edge Circle Handwriting Necklace
  • Mother's day necklace
    Etched Mom Necklace with Pearl
  • Birthstone necklace grandma
    Custom String of Birthstones Necklace
  • Handwriting necklace
    Sculpted Raised Edge Small Circle Handwriting Necklace
  • Etched Family Tree Necklace
    Etched Family Tree Necklace
  • Silver fingerprint jewelry
    Fingerprint Necklace Sculpted Rectangle
  • handmade long silver heart charm, hand stamped with a name, hung with a pearl , on a silver chain, shown on a white background, close up
    Long Sculpted Heart Mom Necklace
  • Mom Tags Necklace
    Mom Tags Necklace
  • My Child's Cameo Necklace
    My Child's Cameo Necklace
  • Hand stamped mom bracelet
    Sterling Circles Charm Bracelet
  • Handwritten note on silver cuff bracelet on white background
    Handwriting Cuff Bracelet
  • Gold handwriting cuff remembrance bracelet
    Handwriting Cuff Bracelet - Gold
  • Rose gold handwriting cuff bracelet
    Handwriting Cuff Bracelet - Rose Gold
  • Hand stamped mom necklace
    Love Goes Round Personalized Necklace
  • Hand stamped circle necklace
    Loved Silver Circle Necklace
  • Etched Rectangle Family Tree Necklace
    Etched Rectangle Family Tree Necklace
  • Custom heart handwriting bracelet
    Handwriting Heart Linked Bracelet in Silver
  • Sterling silver handwriting Petal Bracelet
    Sweet Petal Handwriting Bracelet
  • Heart locket
    A Mother's Hug Locket
  • Hand Stamped Loved Tiny Initials Necklace, made from fine silver
    Loved Tiny Initials
  • Custom Handwriting Bracelet with handwriting of loved one or your own handwriting
    Round Handwriting Charm Bracelet
  • String of birthstones mommy necklace
    String of Birthstones Necklace
  • Small heart for handwriting on necklace
    Sculpted Raised Edge Small Heart
  • Small Handwriting Heart Bracelet
    Small Handwriting Heart Bracelet
  • Rectangle family necklace with handwriting
    Sculpted Raised Edge Rectangle Family Handwriting Necklace
  • Handwriting bracelet
    Sculpted Heart Handwriting Bracelet
  • Mother's day gift handwriting on a bracelet
    Custom Handwriting Heart Linked Bracelet in Gold
  • Etched Mom Tags
    Etched Mom Tags
  • Fingerprint necklace
    Fingerprint Necklace Round with Birthstone
  • Hand-Stamped Inspiration Bracelet in Sterling Silver - Bracelet for Mom
    Inspiration Bracelet
  • Large heart handwriting necklace
    Sculpted Raised Edge Large Heart Handwriting Necklace
  • Custom footprint necklace
    Large Round Handprints or Footprints Necklace Silver
  • hand print charm
    Oval with your baby's Hand or Foot Print
  • Hand stamped sculpted long rectangle
    Sculpted Long Rectangle Necklace
  • Square custom handwriting necklace
    Sculpted Raised Edge Small Square Handwriting Necklace
  • Hand stamped on back of necklace
    Subtle Devotion Arc Necklace
  • Close up image of Sculpted Nugget round fine silver charm with initials with fine silver handmade heart with embedded birthstone on white background
    Tiny Silver Nugget with Birthstone Heart Necklace
  • square initial necklace
    Brushed Squares Initial Necklace
  • Sculpted Hearts Birthstone Necklace
    Sculpted Hearts Birthstone Necklace
  • Long skinny hand stamped initial necklace
    Skinny Rectangles Initial Necklace
  • Mother's Day Personalized Handwriting Bracelet
    Handwriting ID Bracelet
  • Etched Heart Forever Love Necklace
    Etched Heart Forever Love Necklace
  • Silver Large oval handwritten note memorial necklace
    Sculpted Raised Edge Oval Handwriting Necklace
  • Oval handwritten name necklace
    Sculpted Raised Edge Long Oval Handwriting Necklace
  • Handwritten names on a charm
    Sculpted Raised Edge Square Handwriting Necklace
  • Cascade Necklace
    Cascade Necklace
  • Thai charm cascade necklace
    Cascade Thai Charm Necklace
  • Hand stamped Dainty Rectangle
    Dainty Rectangle
  • Fingerprint heart necklace
    Fingerprint Necklace Small Heart with Birthstone
  • Hand stamped I Wished For You Bracelet
    I Wished For You Bracelet
  • Inspiration Cuff
    Inspiration Cuff
  • Signature writing necklace
    Sculpted Oval Handwriting Necklace