Squares & Rectangles

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  • Tiny Square Initials Necklace
    Tiny Square Initials
  • Funky Rectangle Personalized Necklace
    Funky Rectangle
  • Hand stamped rectangle necklace with birthstone
    Sculpted Long Rectangle Necklace
  • Hand made coordinates necklace
    Coordinates Necklace
  • Hand stamped Dainty Rectangle
    Dainty Rectangle
  • Hand stamped coordinates necklace
    Long Sculpted Rectangle Coordinates Necklace
  • Hand Stamped Loved Copper Rectangle Necklace, close up
    Loved Copper Rectangle Necklace
  • Book Of Love
    Book Of Love
  • Hand stamped rectangle copper charms
    Chunky Copper Rectangle Charms
  • Chunky rectangle hand stamped charms
    Chunky Silver Rectangle Charms
  • Tiny Letter or Symbol Cube
    Tiny Letter or Symbol Cube
  • Long Four Sided Rectangle with Stone and Circle Charm
    Long Four Sided Rectangle Necklace
    $62.00 $52.00
  • Large circles and large heart
    Large Classic Raised Edge Charms
  • Tear drop with larger charms
    Classic Raised Edge Charms
  • Fused Heart and Copper Necklace
    Fused Heart and Copper Necklace
    $56.00 $42.00
  • Long Rectangle with Stone and Heart Bead
    Long Flat Rectangle Necklace
  • vintage style sterling silver circles with raised edges, hand stamped with names , shown close up on white
    Vintage Style Raised Edge Charm Necklace
  • Love Squared Name Necklace
    Love Squared Name Necklace
  • Bird Family Necklace
    Bird Family Necklace
    $68.00 $54.00
  • Family Tags
    Family Tags
  • Large round, small round and mini square with heart found in Extras / Beads & Extras, fine ball chain
    Gold Rimmed Classic Raised Edge Charms
  • Hand stamped gold charms
    Gold Dainty Rectangle
  • Long Patterned Rectangle
    Long Patterned Rectangle
    $64.00 $44.80
  • Mini Squares
    Mini Squares
  • Hand stamped Rectangle Warmth Necklace
    Rectangle Warmth
    $54.00 $40.50
  • Hand stamped gold bar necklace
    The Gold Bar Necklace
  • Hand stamped rose gold bar necklace
    The Rose Gold Bar Necklace
  • Silver Chunky Square Charm with Birthstone, shown on white, close up, with silver heart
    Chunky Square Charm with Birthstone
  • Mini round initial charms
    Mini Classic Raised Edge Charms
  • Square of Love Necklace
    Square of Love Necklace
  • The Bar Necklace
    The Bar Necklace
  • Patterned Rectangle with Heart
    Patterned Rectangle with Heart
    $60.00 $42.00