Frequently Asked Questions about our Handwriting & Hand Stamped Jewelry

If you have any questions about our handwriting jewelry, our fingerprint or footprint jewelry or our large range of hand stamped jewelry, we hope we answer it here. If you still have questions, please call us, chat with us or send us an email. We are happy to help!

Do you use the actual handwriting from the image?

Yes we will use the handwriting that you give us in your photo. All we need is a close-up photo of the handwriting you would like us to use, and we will use the exact handwriting you provide in your image. For some pieces, we may need to move words so they fit nicely on the charm you choose. But the handwriting itself will not change, just possibly some placement of the words.

How should I take the photo of the handwriting?

Please take a close-up, in focus photo of the handwriting you would like us to use on your handwriting jewelry. Please do not cut off any words, letters, or other elements of the handwriting that you would like included. If you take the photo on your phone and it asks if you’d like to send it as a small or large image, please choose large so we can get a clear image. If you only want certain words from your image, just let us know. You don't have to cut up your image yourself on paper or on the computer. We will extract just words you want! If we can’t use your image for any reason, we will contact you.

How do I send you my handwriting?

There are a few ways you can get your handwriting image to us. You can upload it from your phone or computer when you order via our 'upload' button on the product page. If you want to order but don't have your images ready yet, or if you'd rather not use the upload function, you can email your handwriting images to us separately to customerservice@heartonyourwrist.com. If you'd rather text them to us, please text them to 650-924-2765. If we have questions on your order or your image, we will contact you.

Can I order if I don't have my images yet?

Yes! If you want to order but don't have your images ready yet, go ahead and place your order and then email your images when you have them. We will hold your order until we receive your images. Please email them to customerservice@heartonyourwrist.com.

Can you include drawings on the jewelry?

Yes we can include drawings, artwork, smiley faces, hearts, squiggly lines or anything else you’d like us to include. Please let us know in the personalization field so we don’t have to guess. For example, if there is a name, a squiggly line and a heart in your image and you want all three, please say "Sarah, squiggly line and heart' and we will know to include them all. If we are unsure of what you’d like included, we will contact you.

Do you provide a mock-up of the jewelry?

We don't provide a mock-up of how your handwriting will look on your jewelry by default, but you can request this when you order. If you'd like to see how your handwriting will be laid out please request a mock-up in the special instructions of your order. After we extract your handwriting from your image and enhance it, we will then visually place it onto the charm you have chosen. We can then take an image of that placement and email to you. We will then wait for your ok before we make your piece. Since this could delay your order, please check your email within a day after you order for your mock-up.

Can you create handwriting from a sample I give you?

We can combine words from different notes or letters to create sentences and we do this a lot. If you’d like us to create words from letters, we can do this for an extra charge if it is over eight letters, as it is very time consuming to extract each letter and then enhance them to match all the other letters. We are happy to do that if you need us to so please contact us if this is the case.

Can you remove unwanted markings, lines or words from a handwriting image?

Yes we can remove anything you don’t want included on your charm. We usually remove lines, scuffs, tears, or extra marks from the image and extract just the handwriting. If there are any marks you’d like us to keep or make sure that we omit, please include this information in your order or email to us.

Can you include other languages for the handwriting?

Yes we can use any language that is included in your image.

What if the handwriting I have is in bad condition or low quality?

Since we have been creating handwriting jewelry for over ten years, we have seen it all! We are really good at extracting handwriting from really low quality images. So we can likely use what you have. If we cannot or just need a different photo taken, we will contact you. We can also look at your image before you order if you’d like. Please email it to customerservice@heartonyourwrist.com and we are happy to let you know if we can use it.

What is the word limit for the jewelry?

We don’t have a limit but we do try to provide guidelines on what we recommend on the product page. The more words you put on a charm, the smaller the handwriting ends up. But many words in small handwriting can still look really nice on a charm. For example, we have done one large word on a guitar pick and it looked great. We also did an entire letter on a pick and while the writing was small, it was readable and looked amazing. If you are unsure if something will fit on a charm, please email us at customerservice@heartonyourwrist.com.

Do you save my images and order information?

Yes, we archive your handwriting images (and prints images) so if you ever need to order again, you don't need to re-upload your images. Just let us know it's a re-order and we will find your image here. We also save all order information.

Do you include a receipt or gift information if I am sending a gift?

We do not include any receipt information in your package. All orders come beautifully gift wrapped and if your billing and shipping addresses are different, we will include a gift card in the box saying the gift is from you. If you'd like us to add any other note or information to your gift, please just let us know in the special instructions of your order.

What is the difference between handwriting jewelry and hand stamped jewelry?

Please watch our video that shows the difference:

Can I wear this jewelry in the shower?

Yes you can wear your jewelry 24x7 and in the shower.

Does the jewelry tarnish?

All sterling silver does tarnish if left out on a surface unprotected for a period of time. Some skin types will hasten the tarnishing process as well, and some air may cause tarnish. If you are not wearing your jewelry, we recommend storing it in a sealed plastic bag. Wearing your piece will generally keep it polished as the rubbing on your skin and clothing can prevent it from tarnishing. We do include a free polishing pad with your order so you can polish and clean your jewelry if needed. Read more on tarnish.

What fonts do you offer for hand stamped jewelry?

Many of our hand stamped items have font options shown when you order, but you can also see all our font options here. When you order, if you'd like a different font than shown and there isn't a clear way to choose that, just let us know in the special instructions that you'd like a different font. We read all your instructions and are happy to make your piece just as you want it.

Do you have symbols you can add to my jewelry?

Yes! We have lots of symbols that we can add to any piece, whether it be hand stamped or handwriting. You can have a saying on a charm and we can add a little heart at the bottom, or we can add a little star or crown under any name. There are many possibilities and you can see all your symbols here. When ordering, you can let us know about any symbols you'd like added (and where) in the special instructions or the personalization field of your order.

What is gold-filled jewelry?

Gold-filled jewelry has a thick, solid layer of 14k gold pressure-bonded to a base of sterling silver. It is different from gold plated jewelry in that the gold will not flake off, wear off or discolor. If you can wear solid gold, you can wear gold-filled jewelry without allergic reactions to the jewelry. It looks and feels just like solid gold and is a fraction of the cost. Read more on gold-fill.

How can I capture a fingerprint for my jewelry?

We can use a photo of any fingerprint you have, from a hospital, funeral home or home printing project. Please take a close-up photo of your fingerprint and we can use it. To capture your fingerprint using household materials, please watch our video:

How can I capture footprints or handprints?

We can use any hospital prints, or you can take a photo of any prints you have. To take a print of feet, hands or paws, we recommend using a dark ink pad or dark paint. Just take a close-up photo of the prints and we can use it.

Do you guarantee your jewelry?

Yes we have a satisfaction guarantee on all our jewelry, even personalized items. If you are unhappy with your jewelry for any reason, please contact us and we will work with you to make you happy. Your happiness is most important to me!

By Beth Philbin