Our Quality

We believe in quality and original jewelry and and we have very high standards for the final pieces we send out. We think the extra expense and effort is worth it!

Knowing that each person's story is special and unique, we treat every piece of jewelry that way.

Better Materials

We use only real sterling silver and fine silver in all our silver designs. Using quality materials ensures your final piece will be beautiful and easy to care for, and will last for many years.

Our gold and rose gold designs are made with gold-fill and rose gold-fill materials. We do not use silver and gold plated metals because the plating wears off very quickly and then you are left with something in a strange color.

We use thick and heavier pieces of metal and prefer thicker charms because they have a more substantial feel - this is an area where other companies often fall short. Thinner metals are less expensive but are flimsy and the writing or stamping can be seen through on the underside of the metal.

We also carefully choose our metals to make sure they do not contain nickel or lead.

Unique Process

We don't use traditional engraving when making our products like other jewelry companies do. Engraving is easy to do and is very light, and can be so minimal that the engraving can actually wear off over very little time. It is often hard to see the engraving because the lines are not deep.

We use a unique etching process that we developed here to deeply etch your handwriting, footprints, fingerprints or drawings into the metal. We then hand polish and hand finish each piece and add a patina to the etchings to make sure there is visual contrast and the handwriting can be seen easily. The etchings will NEVER wear off or lighten. You can feel the etching with your finger when you run your finger over it.

Innovative Techniques

Over the past 14 years we have developed techniques which allow us to create beautiful quality jewelry using any handwriting image you may have - most companies require black ink on white paper, we do not! And most companies will just copy what you give them and hope it looks good on your charm. We do much more than that. We will put the work into pulling your handwriting (or hand and footprints!) out of any image you have, and restoring or enhancing where necessary to make sure it looks its best. Then, we will carefully place the words onto the charms so they fit nicely onto the charm you have chosen. We pay attention to the tiniest details and if we are not sure what you want for a particular element, we will take the time and effort to ask you so that we capture exactly what you want.

Skilled Artists

Four of our artists work on each and every order and we collaborate with each other and with you, the customer, to ensure we are making each piece as special as possible.

We don't use the cookie cutter pendants that everyone else offers. We design and make from scratch most of our charms so you know what you are buying is unique - and you won't find it anywhere else!