Handprint & Footprint Jewelry

They grow so fast. These fun designs feature the actual footprints or handprints of your child on a piece of jewelry! Just send us an image of the prints, and our artists work carefully with them to ...Read More create a piece of personalized jewelry that you will love. Are you a pet lover? We can make a piece for your "furry kids", too, with paw prints or nose prints! We’ll create your handprint or footprint jewelry on sterling silver or gold-filled charms hung on the chain of your choice.

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  • Handprint and footprint on sterling silver necklace
    Your Baby's Footprints on Heart Necklace
  • Child's Real Footprints on Necklace
    Mini Raised Edge Prints Necklace
  • CustomPersonalized Footprints/Handprints Silver Necklace, shown close up on white
    Round Prints Charm Necklace
  • Custom silver heart necklace, personalized with child's actual footprints and a birthstone, shown close up on white
    Sculpted Heart with Baby's Footprints Necklace
  • Sterling silver oval footprint keychain
    Footprint Handprint Key Ring Sculpted Oval
  • Adjustable bracelet with custom handprint or footprint charms
    Handprint Foot Print Charms on Adjustable Bangle
  • Mother's day gift handwriting on a bracelet
    Custom Handwriting Heart Linked Bracelet in Gold
  • Sterling silver custom footprint necklace with your child's footprints, hand stamped with names and date, shown close up on white
    Large Round Handprints or Footprints Necklace Silver
  • hand print on necklace
    Mini Framed Charm with your Baby's Hand or Foot Print
  • hand print charm
    Oval with your baby's Hand or Foot Print
  • Your Pet's Paw Print on Heart Silver Necklace
    Your Pet's Paw Print on Heart Necklace
  • Sterling silver personalized cuff links with your kid's hand prints or footprints, shown on a white background, with Alexis and Abby names hand stamped on them
    Your Baby's Prints Cuff Links
  • Custom paw print pewter key ring, made with your pet's actual paw print
    Paw or Footprints Round Tag Key Chain Pewter
  • Your baby's hand print or footprint etched into a pewter pocket token remembrance
    Bit of My Heart Footprints Pocket Token
  • Custom sterling silver Key Ring with Etched Baby Prints, showing footprints
    Etched Baby Feet Key Ring
  • Hand prints on a key ring
    Handprints or Footprints Military Tag Keychain
  • Child's hand prints on a custom sterling silver key ring, with a hand stamped message, shown close up on white
    Large Round Prints Key Ring
  • Your baby's actual footprints on custom gold bracelet, shown on white
    Custom Heart Footprints Bracelet in Gold
  • Sterling silver footprint necklace hanging from two holes in charm, with your child's actual footprints
    Footprints Necklace Large Heart
  • Custom footprints necklace in gold with hand stamped child's name and birth date
    Large Round Handprints or Footprints Necklace Gold
  • Custom cuff links with children's drawings
    Bronze Custom Cuff Links
  • sterling silver military dog tag personalized with your baby's custom footprints or handprints, shown close up on white
    Footprints Military Dog Tag