Personalized Jewelry Handmade in the USA

When you order from Heart on Your Wrist, the artists right here in our Northern California studio are the ones handcrafting your jewelry.

When more and more companies are sending personalized jewelry orders to overseas factories, why do we still do it this way?

Better Quality

By making our jewelry here, we have more control over the quality of the product you receive. That’s not just empty talk: we offer a money-back guarantee, too, so we’re invested in making sure you love the jewelry you get.

More Options for You

And, because you’re working directly with the artists, we can work together to make whatever you want. We don’t have to stick to a standard configuration some factory might require.

Faster Delivery 

Also, making our jewelry here allows us to offer faster delivery — you don’t need to wait for your order to be sent to a factory, machined, and shipped back to the store owner in the US. That can take a 2-3 weeks.

Our Connection to You

Finally, making jewelry for our customers is our passion. Not only do we love the creative process, but we find incredible inspiration in our customers and their stories.

Each piece is full of meaning for the person that ordered it, and being given the privilege of making it for them is something we’ll never take for granted.

Or outsource to someone else.