Hand Stamped Font Options

We offer a unique selection of fonts for your personalized jewelry. You can customize the look of any charm by simply selecting the font of your choice!

  • On each product's web page, there will be an option to select the font for that piece. If you are unsure on which to select, our upper block is our most popular font and gives your piece a classic hand stamped look.
  • We carry these fonts in various sizes, and will use the size that best fits your charm and personalization. If you have a preference on your font size, just let us know in your order.
  • You might notice that not all fonts are available on all charms - this is simply because we offer the fonts we think work best with each piece, so the jewelry you receive looks as beautiful as it possibly can. 
  • If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email, chat or call us!


Hand stamped font options