Sister or Aunt Gifts

Growing up my sister was my best friend, my counterpart, the original BFF. We grew up and before I knew it, I was an aunt with a new little friend to teach, love, and watch grow. The relationships we share with ...Read More our sisters and aunts are special and meant to be cherished. Whether you see them every day or just when holidays roll around, make your sister or aunt a part of your everyday life with a custom piece of hand stamped or handwriting jewelry, designed by you!

Revive an old inside joke by writing it down, sending it to us, and having it hand etched on a fine silver disc necklace with a playful purple pearl. Or keep your sis in her “place” with matching silver teardrop charm necklaces. Each is hand stamped (with “Big sis,” and “Lil sis”), framed on either side with a pink cultured pearl and puffed silver heart. Remind your aunt or sister that she’s always close to your heart with a one-of-a kind hand stamped heart charm, or etched with the handwritten word and image of your choosing.

Each piece of handwriting jewelry and hand stamped jewelry is lovingly hand crafted by our artists and comes with a silver-polishing pad to keep your jewelry tarnish-free and sparkling for many years to come.

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  • Custom handwriting on photo frame
    Handwriting Heart on Wood Photo Frame
  • Chunky Heart Necklace
    Chunky Heart Necklace
  • Chunky Nesting Hearts Necklace
    Chunky Nesting Hearts Necklace
  • Gold handwriting cuff remembrance bracelet
    Handwriting Cuff Bracelet - Gold
  • Rose gold handwriting cuff bracelet
    Handwriting Cuff Bracelet - Rose Gold
  • Dainty handwriting bracelet in gold
    Handwriting Mini-Bar Bracelet Gold
  • Dainty handwriting bracelet in rose gold
    Handwriting Mini-Bar Bracelet Rose Gold
  • Dainty handwriting bracelet in sterling silver
    Handwriting Mini-Bar Bracelet Silver
  • XOXO Necklace
    XO Heart Necklace - Pewter
  • Hand stamped on back of necklace
    Subtle Devotion Arc Necklace
  • Hand stamped leather cuff shown with word "faith"
    Whimsical Leather Bracelet
  • Hand made coordinates necklace
    Coordinates Necklace
  • Inspiration Cuff
    Inspiration Cuff with Your Custom Saying
  • Subtle Devotion Triangle Necklace
    Subtle Devotion Triangle Necklace
  • Handwritten note on Rectangle Pewter Key Ring
    Raised Heart Rectangle Handwriting Key Chain
  • Square Life Aunt Key Ring
    Square Life Aunt Key Ring
  • Sweetest Heart Necklace - Auntie
    Sweetest Heart Necklace - Auntie
    $58.00 $43.50
  • Custom handwriting on diamond shaped charm
    Handwriting Silver Diamond Shaped Necklace
  • Love Tote Handwriting Necklace
    Handwriting Silver Love Tote Necklace
  • Custom handwriting on half circle
    Handwriting Silver Semi Circle Necklace
  • Tiny hearts milestone necklace
    Milestones Necklace
  • hand made copper heart charm
    Subtle Devotion Tiny Circle Necklace
  • Big Sis Little Sis Matching Necklaces
    Big Sis Little Sis Matching Necklaces
  • Hand stamped sister necklace set
    Carry My Heart Sister Necklaces
  • Silver necklace Hand Stamped with the words Love You More , and a silver heart charm, shown on white, close up
    Love You More Necklace
  • Zodiac Pendant with Birthstone
    Zodiac Pendant with Birthstone