Personalized Jewelry Care

Tarnish on sterling silver is very normal, and can easily be wiped off with the polishing pad that comes with your order. Sterling silver jewelry naturally tarnishes when exposed to air and other elements. There are many factors that can speed up the occurrence of tarnish, including:

  • Some skin types
  • Lotions
  • Exposure to other tarnished jewelry
  • Improper storage
  • Contact with anything acidic (like some tissues)
  • Sulfur in the air

Keep in mind that tarnish is just an oxidation process and does not permanently damage the silver in any way. It collects on the surface of the jewelry and just needs to be rubbed and/or polished off periodically. Read more about Tarnish.

How to Prevent Jewelry Tarnishing

Wear It Often

Believe it or not, wearing your jewelry is a method of prevention because the silver is constantly being rubbed (and polished) against your skin. If your charms or chain are starting to look a little dull, see our Polishing Tips below.

Store It Properly

When not being worn, the jewelry should be stored in a closed jewelry box, or better yet, a plastic bag. It should not be touching other jewelry, especially if the other jewelry is tarnished, and should never be left out on a dresser or table.

Jewelry Polishing Tips

Every Heart On Your Wrist order comes with a polishing pad to keep your jewelry shiny and tarnish-free. The pad can be used to remove any tarnish that has started to occur on your charms. The blackened letters will not be affected by rubbing with the polishing pad. The trick with the pad, if you have a lot of tarnish, is to rub hard.

Polishing pads
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