Pewter Jewelry Care

One of the great things about pewter that it's so easy to care for and requires very little to keep its original finish.

Cleaning Pewter

If your piece gets dirty, simple cleaning with warm water and a gentle soap is generally all that's needed. Dry with a very soft cloth, and you're all set!

Polishing Pewter

If you feel your finish needs to be touched up, determine which type of pewter finish your piece has, then follow the tips below.

  • Polished pewter jewelry is smooth and shiny. Choose a gentle, all-purpose metal (not silver) polish when the finish needs brightening up.
  • Satin pewter jewelry has a matte finish. When necessary, you can use super fine steel wool (0000 grade), buffing lightly in the direction of the grain. Only do this if needed, though. These pieces can usually go a year or more without needing any buffing, and buffing too often can wear away at your piece.