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  • Large silver heart handwriting necklace with keys to your heart, shown close up on white
    Sculpted Raised Edge Large Heart Handwriting Necklace
  • Sterling silver small heart for custom handwriting on necklace with birthstone, shown close up on white
    Sculpted Raised Edge Small Heart
  • Sculpted Heart Handwriting Necklace, with the word family, and a red birthstone
    Sculpted Heart Handwriting Necklace
  • Custom Silver Heart Handwriting Necklace with your actual handwriting, shown close up on white
    Handwriting Silver Heart Necklace
  • Silver Handwriting heart necklace on white with the words, I Love You Grandma Heart
    Small Handwriting Silver Heart Necklace
  • Gold heart jewelry with actual handwriting  close up on white background
    Custom Gold Heart Handwriting Necklace
  • Signature memorial necklace in rose gold with words Hi Poochie Pie
    Rose Gold Heart Handwriting Necklace
  • Custom Handwriting Necklace with Copper Heart with heart charm
    Copper Handwriting Heart Necklace
  • Handwriting charms
    Handwriting Charm - Charm Only Extra Charm