Circles & Ovals

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  • Memorial handwriting jewelry necklace
    Sculpted Circle Handwriting Necklace
  • Custom handwriting signature necklace
    Sculpted Raised Edge Circle Handwriting Necklace
  • Handwriting necklace
    Sculpted Raised Edge Small Circle Handwriting Necklace
  • Your actual handwriting on 7/8" silver disc necklace, shown close up on white
    Silver Disc Handwriting Necklace 7/8"
  • Gold signature necklace
    Gold Disc Handwriting Necklace 7/8"
  • Rose Gold handwriting necklace
    Rose Gold Disc Handwriting Necklace 7/8"
  • Silver Large oval handwritten note memorial necklace
    Sculpted Raised Edge Oval Handwriting Necklace
  • Oval handwritten name necklace
    Sculpted Raised Edge Long Oval Handwriting Necklace
  • Signature writing necklace
    Sculpted Oval Handwriting Necklace
  • Small oval handwritten necklace
    Sculpted Raised Edge Small Oval Handwriting Necklace
  • Custom Handwriting Jewelry Charms. featuring child's signature or drawing
    Round Handwriting Charms Necklace
  • Custom handwriting on half circle
    Handwriting Silver Semi Circle Necklace
  • Silver oval charm necklace with actual handwriting, on a silver chain, shown close up
    Silver Oval Handwriting Necklace
  • Note to mom on necklace
    Small Oval Handwriting Artwork Necklace
  • Gold oval handwriting necklace
    Gold Oval Handwriting Necklace
  • Handwriting Jewelry Sterling Silver
    Handwriting Mom Tag Necklace
  • Your handwritten note on sterling silver
    Sculpted Circle Cut Out Handwriting Necklace
  • Custom Silver Round Handwriting Artwork Necklace with child's drawing of mom on a silver 3/4" circle charm
    Silver Round Handwriting Artwork Necklace 3/4"
  • Custom Doodle Charm. Artwork jewelry with your kids' artwork!
    Doodle Charm
  • Handwriting charms
    Handwriting Charm - Charm Only Extra Charm