Handwriting Jewelry Guide

Do you have questions about what handwriting jewelry is and how to order it? We're here to help! We love creating these special pieces and want to make it as easy for you as possible. We've put together information on some of the most commonly asked questions about handwriting jewelry. But if you still have questions, please contact us!

How To Care for Your Handwriting Jewelry

How to keep your signature pieces of jewelry looking its best

About Tarnish & Handwriting Jewelry

What causes it and how to prevent it?

Five Things You Should Know about Handwriting Jewelry

Seven questions to ask yourself before you shop, and some tips on how to find out what she likes

Gift Giving - How to Choose the Right Handwritten Jewelry Piece

Ideas to consider if you're not sure of the style you like. Plus, learn how you would choose one over the other

Personalized Handwriting Jewelry - What We Can Do

Learn what to look for, and what to look out for

Hand Stamping vs. Handwriting

Jewelry so personal and unique, it is one-of-a-kind

Every Piece Has a Story

Chain type reflects style - which is right for you? Shopping for a gift? We have tips for determining what others would wear too!

Crafting a Piece of Handwriting Jewelry - From Idea to Product

We've got plenty of choices. Which one is best for you? Here's how to figure it out

Five Occasions Perfect for Giving Handwriting Jewelry

Besides the fact that she deserves the best

Memorial Jewelry Ideas Using Your Handwritten Note

Ideas to commemorate the loss of a loved one with memorial and remembrance jewelry

Kids' Handwriting and Artwork Jewelry

What is this new type of jewelry about?