Advice for Him - 7 Questions To Ask Before Buying Personalized Jewelry

One of the hardest things for most men to do is pick out a piece of personalized jewelry for a wife, girlfriend or mother. It's such a personal thing, you think. What if she absolutely hates it? Before you get yourself all worked up, read on.

First off, most women, especially the good ones, love any piece of jewelry that you give them, so long as they know it came from the heart. What they like even more is if it is a jewelry gift that is truly unique, something no one else has and something they can call their own. That's where Heart on Your Wrist Hand Stamped Jewelry steps in. We offer a wide range of custom hand stamped and handwriting jewelry that you can make into unique gifts through our simple process of personalization.

It's actually very easy to please a woman with a gift of mommy jewelry–that's right, easy–provided you engage in a little detective work beforehand. And no, I don't mean hiring a private eye to follow her around; I mean just taking the time out to notice what she likes and doesn't like and maybe even ask a few discreet questions. This is the key to jewelry-buying success.

7 Questions to Ask Before Buying Personalized Jewelry for a Woman

1Is she a gold or silver person?

Notice what she currently wears. Most women like one or the other and while most of the time it's just preference, sometimes it can be a case of being allergic to a certain kind of metal.

2Does she prefer a style that is large and chunky or small and dainty?

Although some women will switch it up occasionally depending on their mood or what they're wearing, most tend to go with either a bold look or a more classically subtle one.

3Is she formal or casual?

Again, although there are exceptions, most women have either a casual sensibility or a dressier one. Does she spend a lot of time doing her make-up in the morning or is she the kind to just wash her face and go? You wouldn't want to buy a dressy piece for someone who never dresses up, or vice versa.

4Does she love hearts, circles or rectangles?

Hearts, circles, rectangles–believe it or not, most women have a preference. You might be able to ascertain this by looking at the jewelry she currently wears. If not, you can ask her in a subtle way if she prefers one shape over another.

5What does she wear most?

This is not just a question about casual versus dressy; it's about necklines, fabrics, dresses versus jeans, blouses versus tops and overhead sweaters versus cardigans. Knowing this can help you determine not just style, but such things as what length of the chain on a necklace or the width of a bracelet she would prefer.

6What is practical for her and her lifestyle?

Is she an office worker or a stay-at-home mom? Does she work in a high-rise or in a fast food restaurant? There are always practical considerations to buying personalized jewelry for her. For example, you wouldn't want to necessarily buy an opera length name necklace for a woman who has a toddler or a cute skeleton necklace for a woman who works in a conservative business environment like a bank or big corporation.

7Has she ever said she really liked a piece of jewelry someone else was wearing?

Here's a biggie. Whether conscientiously or sub-conscientiously, women give clues all the time as to what they like and don't like. All you have to do is listen and pay close attention. This, more than anything else, will help you choose a piece of jewelry–be it a necklace, ring or bracelet–that she'll really love and cherish.

Once you are armed with this information, you should feel more comfortable steering yourself in the right direction of what to choose. If you are still unsure though, we here at Heart On Your Wrist can help! If you know some of the answers to the questions above, we can help you select the perfect handmade piece of jewelry made especially for her. Just give us a call at 650-924-2765 or send us an email at!