Raised Edge Charm Necklaces

Looking for something a little different in personalized jewelry? Our raised edge charms are unique designs that make your handwriting and handstamped jewelry even more personal. Most of these charms are handcrafted designs we create here in our Northern California studio that you won't find anywhere else....Read More From elegant to funky and playful, we've got designs that may be just that one-of-a-kind style you've been looking for.

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  • Custom handwriting signature necklace
    Sculpted Raised Edge Circle Handwriting Necklace
  • Handwriting necklace
    Sculpted Raised Edge Small Circle Handwriting Necklace
  • Silver Wish Dandelion Necklace, with the word Wish and picture of a dandelion blowing away, shown close up, on white background
    Wish Dandelion Necklace
  • Personalized heart necklace
    Chunky Heart In Circle or Square Necklace
  • Rectangle family necklace in silver with handwriting
    Sculpted Raised Edge Rectangle Family Handwriting Necklace
  • Large heart handwriting necklace
    Sculpted Raised Edge Large Heart Handwriting Necklace
  • Small heart for handwriting on necklace
    Sculpted Raised Edge Small Heart
  • Silver Sculpted Raised Edge Small Square Handwriting Necklace, shown with original handwriting
    Sculpted Raised Edge Small Square Handwriting Necklace
  • Silver Large oval handwritten note memorial necklace
    Sculpted Raised Edge Oval Handwriting Necklace
  • Handwritten name necklace, with silver oval charm, with the actual handwriting
    Sculpted Raised Edge Long Oval Handwriting Necklace
  • Handwritten names on a charm
    Sculpted Raised Edge Square Handwriting Necklace
  • Small silver oval handwritten necklace
    Sculpted Raised Edge Small Oval Handwriting Necklace
  • Large circles and large heart
    Large Classic Raised Edge Charms
  • Tear drop with larger charms
    Classic Raised Edge Charms
  • vintage style sterling silver circles with raised edges, hand stamped with names , shown close up on white
    Vintage Style Raised Edge Charm Necklace
  • Large round, small round and mini square with heart found in Extras / Beads & Extras, fine ball chain
    Gold Rimmed Classic Raised Edge Charms
  • Silver charm with raised edge & the handwritten word Love, with a fine silver cross and fine silver heart, shown close up on white
    Love and Faith Necklace
  • Mini round initial charms
    Mini Classic Raised Edge Charms
  • Vintage Style Raised Edge Moon Necklace
    Vintage Style Raised Edge Moon Necklace