Why Mommy Jewelry?

Mother, mom, mommy—no matter what you call her, she's one of the most important people in our lives. She feeds us, she nurtures us, she loves us unconditionally. She is the embodiment of love.

We at Heart On Your Wrist pay tribute to all mothers everywhere by honoring them with the ultimate symbol of love—a piece of personalized jewelry that is uniquely their own. This is a tradition that has endured for centuries, but now takes a modern twist with our fashionable line of silver & gold necklaces, bracelets, charms and key chains. These can be hand stamped with the names of your kiddos, or feature their actual handwritten name or artwork. You can even have their fingerprints, handprints or footprints etched onto your jewelry piece. 

We call it Mom Jewelry or Mommy Jewelry and the concept really is quite simple—you start with a quality piece of silver or gold jewelry and you make it unique. Our selection of Mommy Necklaces, for example, offers some great ideas such as the My Peas Necklace, our classic Forever Love Circle Necklace or the Cascade Mommy Necklace, but this is only a starting point. What makes yours a one-of-a-kind piece is your own special touch in the form of a name or nickname, a special symbol, or even a birthstone. And we can do it all for you with just a few easy clicks of your mouse!

Why Give Mom Silver and Gold Jewelry With a Touch of Love

1 Mommy Jewelry is a Fashion Statement

We sometimes take our moms for granted and moms often forget to take time out for themselves. Our special selection of mom jewelry and grandma jewelry changes that in an instant, transforming mom into a fashion plate, making her shine like a movie star. Right now, mother jewelry is the hottest thing among celebrity moms, whether it's a sterling bracelet with charms bearing their children's names or a keychain stamped with a special family message. And it isn't just for Moms — anyone can customize our jewelry to create any message they want!

2Mommy Jewelry is a Conversation Piece

Let's face it, most mothers love to brag about their children and show off pictures of them to friends and colleagues. Mommy jewelry gives mom a conversation piece, a way of representing what's most important to her through a functional piece of hand stamped jewelry, handwriting jewelry, or jewelry with the kiddo's fingerprints, handprints or footprints. It's a reminder to her—and to everyone else—that she is loved and appreciated!

3Personalized Mom Jewelry is An Heirloom

The beauty of personalized mother jewelry is that mothers can continually add to their name necklace or stamped silver bracelet with charms and tags. If there's a new baby, if there's an important anniversary or event, it can be celebrated with a new hand stamped charm. Down the road, her special piece can even be handed from one generation to the next.

4Her Personalized Mom Jewelry is Uniquely Hers

We at Heart On Your Wrist are committed to bringing out the individuality of the mother in your life by offering an exciting selection of mom jewelry including hand stamped Mommy Bracelets, Mommy Necklaces, A Stackable Mommy Ring, Photo Jewelry and more. Everything is completely customizable with Stones, Beads, Chains, Symbols and Fonts. You can also match your piece with a pair of Personalized Earrings for a really great gift. Once you start to explore your options you'll see just how many there are and how fun it can be to create something spectacular she'll really love.