Chain Options for Wearing Your Personalized Jewelry

It can be difficult to choose a piece of personalized jewelry for yourself, let alone trying to find something for someone else. With all the choices out there, it may seem like an overwhelming task, but it really doesn't have to be that way.

The process all starts with the selection of a hand stamped bracelet, name necklace or handwriting necklace. Heart on Your Wrist offers a range of gold-filled and silver chains that you can mix and match with different name tags and mom charms to create a look all your own. Generally speaking, the chain you choose can reflect a certain mood or style, based on the look, size and luster of its links.

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Ball Chain

The Ball Chain is distinguished by 2mm wide spheres, or solid balls, rather than open links. Available in sterling silver, this style is traditionally used for military dog tags, but looks great with larger or heavier name charms or very large pendants like our hand stamped military tags. This chain channels a style that is casual and modern.

Fine Ball Chain and Gold Fine Ball Chain

Similar to the Ball Chain only slightly thinner, the Fine Ball Chain is available in gold filled and sterling silver, and has little spheres measuring 1.5mm. These strike a trendy and casual look and look good with any of our metal stamped charms and is our most popular chain.

Very Fine Ball Chain

The Very Fine Ball Chain is available in sterling silver, and has spheres measuring 1mm. These chains are dainty and have a light and delicate look. These chains look really nice with small initial charms or with one stone and a tiny stamped charm.

Diamond Cut Ball Chain

Diamond Cut Ball Chain If you're looking for a little glitter, the sterling silver Diamond-Cut Fine Ball Chain is a good choice. The tiny balls, measuring 1.5mm wide, are each diamond cut to create high shine--which is perfect when matched with birthstones or any of our shiny charms. It's a flexible look that can go casual or a bit formal. Our sterling silver stamped name charms look great on this chain, as do a lot of our other shapes of personalized name tags and handwriting jewelry.

Snake Chain

Also known as an "S" chain, this chain has a solid look and slinky feel, as the links are close and continuous. Our Snake Chain is 1mm wide, a good width and style for any of our charms and birthstones. It is probably our 'dressiest' chain. Heavy and thick custom name charms look great on this chain as do our tiny and light personalized name pendants.

Dainty Cable

The Dainty Cable Chain comes in sterling silver or gold-filled and is made of multiple intertwined links. It is 1.25mm wide and gives a classic look when matched with pendants and charms. This can be dressy or casual, depending on how you wear it. This chain type compliments just about any of our personalized sterling or gold jewelry.

Flat Cable

Our Flat Cable chain comes in both gold-filled and silver and consists of flat open loops that produce a lot of shine and sparkle. You might want to pair this chain with gemstones or a matching pendant or charm for a formal look that you could wear to a party or family gathering. Our oval stamped charms look great on this chain and our stamped rectangle charms look nice on this as well.

Box Chain

The Box Chain is similar to the Snake Chain in that it has a steady stream of continuous links, but the links are box-shaped rather than S-shaped. This is a chain that produces a little bit of shine and is one of our most popular chain types. Use this with charms and pendants, or wear on its own for a subtle hint of glitter. This is another chain that can carry any of our silver name jewelry nicely and looks great with all our hand stamped charms and handwriting pendants.

Rubber Cord with Sterling Beads

Our Black Rubber Cord is a unique alternative with small sterling silver beads placed in intervals along the cord, which is finished with a sturdy silver lobster clasp. The cord is 1mm wide and the beads are staggered 10mm apart. This look is ultra modern and adapts well to both large or small pendants or charms. The black in the rubber brings out the black lettering on all our hand stamped mom jewelry.

Leather Cords

We offer leather cords in black and brown and either smooth and thin or thick and woven. Our cords are finished with sterling silver clasps and make fitting companions for all sorts of charms and tags. The look is modern and adaptable for both men and women. The leather cords will arrive slightly stiff but will soften with wear.

Charm Bracelet Chain

This is a big link sterling silver chain meant to hold some weight. It's reminiscent of the charm bracelets of yore, but the lobster clasp makes it a little more secure. We also solder any charms you select onto the links so they will never fall off. The bracelet is solid and strong enough to hold a whole wrist full of personalized name charms--so start collecting now!

Hammered Bangle

Our sterling silver hammered bangle is a delicate piece of sturdy silver with a hammered finish. It is a great option to use as a base and then to add any charms to. We will solder the rings on the charms onto the bangle so they can take the abuse of a bracelet and will not fall off. This bangle is great for slightly larger wrists as it's opening is 2 3/4". Add a personalized heart charm, a name disc, a stone or a heart bead...many combinations look great on this bangle.

Swirly Bangle

Our sterling silver Swirly Bangle is another great option for adding charms to. Its unique clasp makes it easy to take on and off while having a very stylish and unique look. Rectangle charms, round charms, stones and other charms all look great mixed onto this bangle. This bangle is great for regular sized wrists as it's opening is 2 1/2". It's also great for adding charms to as your family grows, as you can slip the charms on and off yourself. I love our poetry charms and message jewelry charms on this bangle. Mixed with a cluster of stones and a tiny puffed heart, our personalized pendants hang sweetly on this bangle.

Adjustable Bangles

Our adjustable bangles are easy to take on and off, and come in copper, silver plated pewter, and sterling silver. We can do gold-filled or gold-plated bangles as well, on special request. We will solder any charms or stones you choose onto this bangle so they will not fall off and will stay secure on your bangle. It's a very trendy look and you can add charms to it at a later time.

Sterling Silver Key Ring

Last but not least - our sterling silver key ring. This is a heavy, thick and shiny key ring that will make any gift for dad or grandpa just a little extra special. Add letter charms, name pendants, stones or monogram charms to this key room for a unique gift for mom or a good friend. Any of our personalized hand stamped charms or handwriting pendants can be added to this ring!

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