Handwriting Angel Wing Bracelet

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With actual handwriting etched onto an angel wing and a small puffed heart at the clasp, the personalized Angel Wing Bracelet is one of our best sellers. We love how this sterling silver chain link bracelet gives your little angels the opportunity to write a special message for Mom or Grandma as a Mother’s Day gift; and it makes a beautiful piece of memorial jewelry too.

Just provide us with a close-up photo of the handwriting, and our artists will do the rest!

  • Sterling silver wing measures 1 7/8" long
  • Optional personalization is available on the back of your charm - choose a handwritten or stamped date/message
  • Sterling silver puffed heart is included at the clasp of the bracelet

Every order comes with a free polishing pad.

How it works: if you already have the image you want to use, upload it using the "Image File Upload" field shown below. If you don't have the image handy, you can place your order and then email your image to  Please reference the order number in the email. If we have questions on your order or your photo, we will contact you. See more information on how our handwriting jewelry works.

Maximum file size: 512 MB
Maximum file size: 512 MB
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    1. Angel Wing bracelet

      This bracelet is absolutely beautiful and the writing was clear with no errors. This was a gift to my mom (with her mom’s writing) and it made her cry (happy tears). I would definitely recommend this website. It was also packaged beautifully in a box to protect the bracelet and then in silver wrapping paper with a heart to hold it together then crinkled black paper with a little note inside. on

    2. Beautiful and Perfect Tribute to a Lost Loved One

      I wanted to express my sincere thanks for the necklace that I just received. After a long battle with Alzheimer's Disease, my mother-in-law passed away last week. My daughter was extremely close to her grandmother, and it's been a very difficult process for her to slowly say good bye. This necklace, which contains her grandma's handwriting, will let her keep her love close to her heart. The necklace is beautiful. I was hesitant to order from a store that I found in a Google search, but I'm so glad that I did. Everything, from the necklace itself to the thoughtful packaging, is perfect. Loved it so much that I just came back online to order a keychain for my son. Thank you for playing a part in helping our family heal. on

    3. Chain not long enough

      I love the perfect inscription, but when I got it and pulled it out, I saw how short the chain was... I haven't given it to my sister yet, but feel certain it won't fitake her wrist... wish your "standard length" were longer

      Note from Beth: If you are not sure about what length to choose, we always suggest to go a little larger. The 7 1/2" is the most popular length. If it is slightly too long for the wearer, they can link it in a couple links. If it is too small, you will have to send it back to us to be re-sized. So we always suggest going longer if you are unsure! Thank you for your review!

    4. Perfect

      I had the angel wing bracelet made for my sister in law with her mother's "Love Mother" original signature written on it. She was so surprised and was speechless when I gave it to her. I was so pleased. on

    5. Beautiful

      Very high quality! Handwriting perfect and good communication! Will be ordering again on

    6. Angel wing bracelet

      This is the second Christmas without my brother. My other brother and I ordered the Handwriting Angel Wing Bracelet with our brother's handwriting on it for our mom. It was beautiful. The bracelet itself (although I did wish the wing was not quite so straight - wished it could have conformed to her wrist somehow) was beautiful, but the fact that the handwriting was perfectly his was the most beautiful part of it! Thank you! My mom will always have a special reminder that her son is always with her! on

    7. Loved the bracelet

      The bracelet came out beautiful. My daughter loves it. I will highly recommend heart on your wrist to anyone looking for a bracelet on

    8. front to back

      I ordered a special two sided angel wing bracelet. Very nice bracelet, however, whomever engraved it did not take the time to appropriately engrave in the correct direction. When I flip the wing from front facing to back I have to turn my wrist around to read the back entry. I should only have to flip the wing to have the backside correct facing…….

      Note to Nancy: thank you for the feedback on the direction of the handwriting! We do all the Angel Wings this way, since there is more room on the wider end, so we definitely spent a lot of time on your piece, it's just the direction that usually works best with that charm. But having said that, we will look at how we do the back and consider switching it. And if you'd like us to remake this for you, please let me know! We would be happy to do that for you. Thank you! -Beth

    9. BEAUTIFUL, Simply beautiful

      I ordered this bracelet for my mother, for her to have something special to remind her of her late father. The engraving appears identical to my grandfather's handwriting! I was nervous that this bracelet might appear too bulky originally, but it's actually very dainty and feminine. Beautiful jewelry, ridiculously quick turnaround, and Beth was very accessible and responded to my e-mails almost instantly. Thanks Beth! :) on

    10. Love the bracelet!

      We were so pleasantly surprised to see how well the handwritten message on the bracelet looked that we purchased from you! We have showed it to many with pride! on


Please tell us exactly what part of your handwriting image you would like us to etch into your charm (or bracelet, money clip, ornament, etc.) We will look at what you put in this field and make sure it matches the handwriting image that you upload.

For example, if you want the name "Holly" on your charm and you are uploading handwriting that shows the name "Holly", please write "Holly" in this field.

If you want just, "I love you!" from a long letter, please type "I love you!" in this field and we will just use the "I love you!" from your handwritten letter. If you want commas or exclamation points included, please include those in this field as well.

If your image has drawings of hearts, smiley faces, underlines, etc., please let us know if you want these included, too.