Using an old letter, card or document

A lot of people only have the handwriting from their loved one from an old letter, card or document. We can use just about any handwriting you might have, even if it is old and worn or if it's written on a strange object (and yes, we can use photos of your tattoo)! Even signatures from a union member card, a driver's license, a tax filing or a marriage license can be used for etching onto jewelry. We will meticulously clean it up and remove the line the signature goes on, or remove any blemishes that shouldn't be there.

Keep in mind that the more words you include, the smaller the handwriting will end up. That being said, one word can look great on a charm but a short lettter can look great on that same charm. For example, here is our Love Letter Necklace made two ways:

Love Letter Handwriting NecklaceLove Letter Handwriting Charm


Make sure when you take the photo of the handwriting, that you don't cut off any of the words that you want included on your charm. If you want a comma omitted or added, we can do that. Please mention it in the special instructions field so we know exactly what you want us to do. All we need from you is a photo of your handwriting and we will do the rest!