Using an image of a tatto

Tattoo Jewelry

Tattoo jewelry - we can create a meaningful piece of jewelry by using an image of your tattoo. Yes, your tattoo!

All we need is a clear, close-up photo of your tattoo. We can take that image and transform it into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

As long as we can see all the elements of the tattoo in the photo, we can use it. 

If you have a complex design that was created for you by an artist, please check to make sure you own the copyright to the tattoo, so that you know you can use the image for jewelry.

Most tattoos have a special meaning to the wearer, but sometimes they can't be seen under their clothing. So wearing your special image on a necklace or bracelet can be another medium to show and remember your message or artwork.

Sometimes people don't want to commit to a tattoo and want to try a necklace or bracelet with their artwork first. Or maybe you have a group of people who have the same tattoo, and you all want to wear the image on jewelry too! Whatever your story, we are here to help you find a piece of custom jewelry that you love.

To order your tattoo jewelry, simply choose any handwriting/artwork jewelry piece and submit the photo of your tattoo for us to use for the etching. If you have questions, please contact us!Tattoo NecklaceTattoo Charm