Writing Your Own Note


Writing your own special note for the creation of a special piece of jewelry is a popular option for couples writing love notes to each other, children writing a note to their moms or dads (or grandparents!) or someone wanting their own inspirational quote to wear every day.

If you know what you want your charm to say, you can write it out on any piece of white paper using a dark pen.

You can practice and write it a few times and then just circle the version you want us to use. Please avoid lined paper if you can.

You can have your kids write their special note and include a few hearts or flowers or whatever else they want to include.

If you know the general shape of the charm you want, it might help to draw a circle or heart so the kids can generally stay in that area.

If you want a circle charm and the note fits perfectly into a circle except for the one little heart to the side, we can move the heart so the whole note fits into the circle.

Once you are done, just take a photo of your handwritten note/artwork and include it with your order.

Our artists will do the rest!

If you need help deciding what charm your note will look best on, please contact us.

We are happy to take a look at it and help you choose!