How to Make a Fingerprint for Fingerprint Jewelry

Need an image of your fingerprint to order your fingerprint jewelry? No problem! You can do it in 30 seconds. All you'll need is a piece of paper, a pencil, and piece of scotch tape. To create a fingerprint image: 

  1. Draw a dark block with your pencil, a little bigger than your fingertip
  2. Rub your fingertip on the block, covering your fingertip with graphite
  3. Place tape firmly on your fingertip, covering the area you want the print from
  4. Remove the tape, and place the tape on a white section of the paper. Voila, your fingerprint!
  5. Scan this image or take a good quality, well lit photo, and send it to us with your order. 

How easy is it? Here's the 30 second video: