Religious & Spiritual Jewelry

Religion is a source of strength, courage and daily inspiration. Our hand stamped religious jewelry and etched jewelry can be a beautiful way to stay mindful and share your faith. You can Read More customize any design to get the perfect piece of personalized jewelry. Also, many customers will give us a handwritten expression of faith to put on handwriting jewelry for themselves or a loved one. It can be a blessing from an old card, or a favorite verse written out especially for creating a piece of jewelry in your actual handwriting.

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  • Memorial Jewelry - Bracelet Made with Handwriting From a Loved One
    Handwriting Angel Wing Bracelet
  • Believe Grow Achieve Ring
    Customizable Wide Band Sterling Silver Ring
  • Hand stamped stackable ring with heart
    Customizable Sterling Silver Droplet Ring
  • Etched Cross Circle of Love Necklace
    Etched Cross Forever Love Necklace
  • Rectangle Faith with Amethyst & Cross Necklace
    Rectangle Faith with Amethyst & Cross Necklace
    $54.00 $48.00
  • Family handwriting jewelry
    Sculpted Heart Handwriting Necklace
  • Angel Silhouette Charm
    Angel Silhouette Charm
  • Etched Star of David Necklace
    Etched Star of David Necklace
  • Faith & Courage Earrings
    Faith & Courage Earrings
  • Faith and Spiral Cross Necklace
    Faith and Spiral Cross Necklace
    $68.00 $52.00
  • Long sterling silver cross
    Flared Cross
  • Star of David charm with 1 point diamond
    Sterling Silver Star of David with 1 pt Diamond
  • Sterling Star of David
    Sterling Star of David
  • Faith necklace
    Tiny Faith with Pink Pearl & Star Necklace
  • Jesus necklace
    Tiny Jesus with Pearl & Spiral Cross Necklace
  • Handwritten note on back of pocket token
    Have Faith Personalized Pocket Token
  • Subtle Devotion Cross Necklace
    Subtle Devotion Cross Necklace
  • Hand stamped necklace for first communion
    Spiritual Communion Necklace
  • God gave me you necklace
    God Gave Me You Necklace
  • Puffed Cross Charm Necklace
    Personalized Puffed Cross Charm Necklace
  • Love and Faith Necklace
    Love and Faith Necklace
  • Gold hand stamped mother's bracelet
    Hand Stamped Gold Heart Linked Bracelet