Etched Runner Necklace

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Looking for runner's jewelry? We take our 3/4" sterling silver disc and etch a runner in the center.  We then personalize the rim of the charm with "every day is a good day when you run" or a short saying of your choice (up to 12 words).  We add a patina to the letters, polish it and then lightly brush the whole charm so it has a slight matte finish.  An optional message can be added to the back of this charm.  Charm hangs on a sterling chain or leather cord of your choice.

  • Charm measures 3/4"
  • Optional short message is available on the back of this charm
  • Our lower case font (seen) is used unless requested otherwise
  • Max of 39 characters can fit on the front of this charm

Every order comes with one polishing pad and free optional gift card with message.

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Please tell us exactly what part of your handwriting image you would like us to etch into your charm (or bracelet, money clip, ornament, etc.) We will look at what you put in this field and make sure it matches the handwriting image that you upload.

For example, if you want the name "Holly" on your charm and you are uploading handwriting that shows the name "Holly", please write "Holly" in this field.

If you want just, "I love you!" from a long letter, please type "I love you!" in this field and we will just use the "I love you!" from your handwritten letter. If you want commas or exclamation points included, please include those in this field as well.

If your image has drawings of hearts, smiley faces, underlines, etc., please let us know if you want these included, too.