Handwriting Necklaces & Artwork Necklaces

What if you could keep some of your most precious memories in silver or gold? Now you can with our handwriting and artwork necklaces. These necklaces can made from the handwriting of a loved one, or your own writing!...Read More

Imagine...Your child's drawing of him and you together on a fun silver circle charm...A love note to your darling as a Valentine's Day gift...Grandma's signature from an old Christmas card preserved forever on an angel wing.

Just send us an image of some writing or a drawing that you want to put on your necklace, and we'll do the rest. Our artists painstakingly use this image to craft a piece of jewelry with handwriting or artwork that you'll cherish forever.

Some customers wonder, "The handwriting that I have is from an old letter, and it's faded or faint. Will it be good enough to use?" Or perhaps there are smudges, or lines, or other stray marks on the image that you don't want on the jewelry.

Don't worry — we've worked on thousands of handwriting images, and we've seen just about everything. Our expert artists advanced tools & techniques to enhance the handwriting sample and make it look great. If you can see it, we can use it. And if we do run into any questions or issues, we'll contact you before creating your jewelry to make sure it's exactly what you want. 

We can take handwriting from more than one source, too. One customer had, "Love Dad" from an old birthday card, and her dad's signature from an old fishing license, and wanted to create a memorial necklace for her mom.  We created, "Love, William", and even used part of the "e" to create the comma and keep it all in his writing!

When working with handwriting from multiple images, we extract the handwriting from each document, clean it up and make it look its best, then adjust each piece of writing to match the other in size and thickness so they work together seamlessly. 

We recognize how meaningful handwriting jewelry is to our customers, and we hope you'll let us make something meaningful and beautiful for you.