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Fur Babies & Jewelry

Fur Babies & Jewelry

Posted by Beth on Mar 13, 2023

I make no apologies — I'm a huge animal fan. So when I first started creating jewelry over 15 years ago, one of the early pieces I created was to celebrate my pups at the time (a boxer and a boxer mix, thanks for asking :-)

In fact, before we had kids, our dogs were our kids. Unlike our human kids, they never got potty trained. On the other hand, though, they would often ignore my commands and eat us out of house and home, so maybe they weren't that different, after all.

Point being, when a customer tells me how important their pet is to them, I totally get it. That's why we offer a whole bunch of jewelry options for pet lovers.

Our most popular items feature your pet's actual paw print on the jewelry! Just send us a photo of the paw print, and we'll create a necklace, bracelet, or even a ring that will let you keep your furry loved one near, even when you can't be together.

A sterling silver ring, etched with the actual paw print shown in the picture

Paw Print Ring Round, in sterling silver, made from your pet's actual paw print

If you have a cast of your dog's print, we can use that, too.

We'll create a print from the image of a cast of your pet's paw print to create your jewelry

Of course, we have wonderfully creative customers. So when one saw the words, "paw print", she thought a nose print would be even better for her!

Dog nose print on a pewter key chain
Our customer wanted her dog's actual nose print on a key chain

If you have a whole pack of dogs (or a clowder of cats), you might like our Etched Paw Family Necklace. Made from sterling silver, it features a stylized paw print, along with all your pets' names. It's a unique and adorable way to celebrate the kids that are always happy to see you (YMMV with the cats on that account.)

Silver necklace featuring pet names, a stylized pet paw, with the names shown in relief on a black background
Etched Paw Family Necklace, made from sterling silver

Thinking of getting a piece of personalized jewelry to celebrate your pets? Let us know! We'd love to help you design the perfect piece.

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