Hand Stamped Necklace of the Month - April Moon Necklace

Posted by Beth on Apr 04, 2014

Hand stamped April Moon NecklaceThe birthstone for April is diamond.  Because diamonds are precious ( and pricey!) there are lots of other stones and materials that people use to represent them in jewelry.  When I thought about how to design our April Necklace of the Month, it was actually presented to me while putting together one of our new displays in the shop.I needed some necklaces to fill up one of our displays so thought I would create a few on the fly.  We had just created these new hand sculpted moon charms, which are so cute, so I thought I would start with one of those.  When I put the moon on a simple chain, I immediately thought of adding our tiny little cubic zirconia stone since I knew it would sit just perfectly in the little crescent of the moon.  When I put it all together, the little stone reminded me of a star, and I just fell in love with this simple little necklace.Birthstone NecklaceBecause we can stamp these sweet little moons, I decided to stamp the word "Dream" on the moon.  I loved the result, and am happy to present it as our April Necklace of the Month!  The chain is sterling silver, the moon is fine silver and the cubic zirconia is wrapped in sterling silver.  These moons will look adorable with names stamped on them too, so they will be added to the website soon as a personalized necklace.