Hand Stamped Teacher Gift in Pewter or Fine Silver

Posted by Beth on May 20, 2014

h and  stamped teacher necklaceI just created this very cute hand stamped teacher gift using the same words I came up with years ago for another necklace we carry.I love the sweet message "Teach, Inspire, Love" because it captures what teachers are and do, but it's not just another apple necklace (which can be cute too, don't get me wrong!)For this particular charm that we handmade in our studio, we thought we would try something new by creating and offering it in fine pewter. Fine pewter is a lead-free version of traditional pewter, so it is safe to use for jewelry. It also has the look and feel of fine silver but it is less expensive than sterling or fine silver.What do you think of this charm in pewter?I personally love working the pewter, it has great malleability and is forgiving to an artist. It looks really nice too, and keeps the handmade feel of the fine silver.