June Necklace (or Key Chain) of the Month!

Posted by Beth on Jun 09, 2015

Everybody has them: those special places that, when you think of them, just make you happy. Your honeymoon destination? The beach cottage your family has been going to for years? The girls' getaway spot every year? The home team's stadium?

Whatever that place is, our hand stamped coordinates jewelry is a way to keep it with you all the time. Handmade from fine silver, then personalized with your special spot, this charm can be hung on a necklace for her, or on a key chain for him. (Don't forget Father's Day is June 21!)

To find the coordinates of your happy place

Check out our video to find out how to get the coordinates of your happy place

Or, use your browser

Just do a web search for: what are the coordinates of {your place}. Tell us where you want to be, and we'll make your special piece for you! (Even while we dream of a trip to 41.8920° N, 69.9620° W…)