New design added to my line!

Posted by Beth on Jul 23, 2008

Sterling Heart on Gold DiscYippee, I found myself with a bit of 'free' time today so added another new product, the Sterling Heart on Gold Disc, to my site.  This one is very different as it is one of my first mixed metal pieces.  I took a gold-filled 5/8" disc and overlayed a sterling heart with the name Alex on it.  I then domed the whole piece to give it a rounded look.  It was fun to make and I love the look of the two different metals together.  This looks great with a sterling chain but if you'd prefer gold, you can order it without a chain and then add a gold chain from the Chains/Chords page.  I found some other new materials, including copper discs and more gold-filled shapes.  Now it's just a matter of adding them all to the site, one by one.  Each one takes a little time to photograph, edit, price, add options to, upload, etc.   But I'm working on it!!  Have a great week!