Thoughts on my new blog

Posted by Beth on Jul 21, 2008

I am happy to finally be able to join the blogging world!  After some help from my husband and some tinkering with Wordpress, I am able to check off one of the many things on 'my list' that need to get done.  That list never seems to get smaller, but it still feels good to check something off.  Plus, this is something that I think will be fun for me, as I have lots to say about designing Mommy Jewelry, and running this business.As I tell my friends, I live, breathe and dream about my jewelry business so I can honestly say it's my passion.  It definitely keeps me sane while being the lucky mom of three very busy and happy kids.  Well, maybe it doesn't keep me sane, but it does give me lots to ponder while being the chauffeur all over town.So until later, ciao and thanks for reading!