Five Things You Should Know About Handwriting Jewelry

Five Things You Should Know About Handwriting Jewelry

Posted by Beth on Mar 22, 2023

Handwriting jewelry is something not everyone has heard of or seen, yet is becoming a popular choice for people who are looking for a really personal, touching and unique gift to give to someone they care about.

"Handwriting Jewelry" (or "Handwritten Jewelry") is a term that covers a small range of jewelry, where your actual handwriting is etched into a piece of jewelry using an image of the handwriting. It becomes a pretty reminder of that special note you got, or of your loved one’s signature, or of that cute drawing your child drew for you in 4th grade.

There is a huge range of possibilities and ideas for what you can put on the jewelry, and we love helping you figure out how to make your gift as special as possible.

I talk to a lot of customers and many people haven’t seen this type of jewelry and are really unsure about how to order it. They are also unsure of what we can and can’t do, which I completely understand!

Let's tackle some of these questions.

Common Questions When Ordering Handwriting Jewelry

I get questions on how to order the most. People see our website, and while we try really hard to put as much information there as possible, sometimes people are still a little unsure because they just haven’t done this before. Here are few suggestions on how to create your special piece of handwriting jewelry.

1.) How do I choose my piece?

I suggest browsing our handwriting jewelry to decide what piece you’d  like to give as a gift. Choose between a necklace, bracelet, key ring, ring, pocket charm, items for men, an ornament, etc. Once you know what type of piece you want, then decide on the style and charm shape you like best out of the ones shown. Do you like the heart charm with stones? The rectangle on a chain? The circle with the heart charm? You get the idea.

2.)How much handwriting can I get on the charm?

This varies quite a bit on the handwriting itself and the charm you decide upon. If you have just a few words you’d like to include then most of our charms will accommodate that. If you have a longer letter or a longer phrase then you might either consider just using parts of the letter, splitting it between the front and back of a charm, or just going with one of our larger charms. You can look at photos of our products to see how many words others have put on there, and see if there would be room for more. If you are unsure, please send us an email with your handwriting image and we’re happy to let you know if it will fit on the charm you’ve chosen.

3.) How do I get my handwriting image to you?

Once you take a clear, close-up photo of your handwriting, there are a few ways to get your image(s) to us. You can upload your image(s) when you order by using the upload button and then choosing the image(s) from your phone or computer. You can email the image(s) to us and we will match them to your order. If easier for you, you can text them to us at 650-924-2765 and we will match your image(s) to your order. If we have an order from you and no image, we will contact you!

4.) Can I see a mockup of my jewelry before you make it?

Of course!. We don’t do mockups by default since it will delay your order by a day or so. And we have done so many of these that we feel confident we will make the handwriting looks as good as possible on your chosen charm. But if you’d rather see how we plan to place your handwriting on your charm, just write “please send mockup” in the special instructions section of your order and we are happy to do that. Once we clean up and prep your handwriting, we will place it on the charm you have selected and then email you an image of that placement. We will then wait to hear back from you on whether it looks good to you or if you’d like changes.

5.) Will the handwriting last or will it fade?

The handwriting on your charm will never fade. Our etching process is unique to us and we ensure the etching is deep and cannot ever wear off like traditional engraving can. We also use substantial, high-quality metals so your piece will come out beautiful and unique to you.

Since so much of what we do is custom, each customer’s story can be transformed into a completely unique piece of jewelry. I really enjoy hearing the stories of customers and their ideas about what they want to create and give. If you would like help in getting your your perfect piece of handwriting jewelry made, please call us, email us, or chat with us.

We’d love to help!