Sending Your Image to Us is Easy

Sending Your Image to Us is Easy

Posted by Beth on Mar 20, 2023

When we create your handwriting jewelry (or jewelry with fingerprints, handprints/footprints, artwork, etc.), we use an photo or scan of the handwriting (or whatever) that you've sent us.

Usually, people will upload these images as part of the ordering process.

But what if you need to order, and don't have a photo of the handwriting with you?

What if I don't have my image handy?

No problem. You can always send your images to us after you order, either via email, text, snail mail, carrier pigeon or raven.

If you're not super tech savvy, no worries. Just let us know, and we will work with you to figure out the easiest way to get us your image, so we can get YOU some beautiful jewelry.