Using More than One Handwriting Image for Your Jewelry

Using More than One Handwriting Image for Your Jewelry

Posted by Beth on Mar 22, 2023

Customers often ask us questions like:

"I want the phrase, 'Love Mom XXX' on my bracelet/necklace/ring/etc, but I don't have a document where my mom wrote that exact phrase."

Or maybe you have a card with the writing you want, but you like the way Mom signed her name better on another card, so you want to have that version of "Mom" on your piece.

No problem! In this case we can combine handwriting from more than one image to create the message you want.

Here's how it works:

  1. Send us images of the handwriting you want put on the jewelry. You can upload the images when you order, or just email them to us afterwards
  2. Our artists will extract the handwritten words you want from each image. As part of that process, we'll take a number of steps to make sure your writing looks its very best.
  3. Often, the handwriting from the images will be different sizes or thickness. So, we'll carefully adjust the writing so that it all matches seamlessly.
  4. Then, we'll lay out the writing so that it elegantly fills the charm, and is visually balanced for the perfect look. This is an important step that, done well, can make a huge difference in the aesthetic appeal of the jewelry.

Have questions? Let us know -- we're here to help!